Security Issues

Recently, We have discovered that the Strictly Music Chicago website was down. After contacting our Website hosting company,, They brought it to our attention that outside entities were able to obtain passage into our account, and tried to cancel it. Since found it odd that we were trying to cancel our account from outside of the USA, The put an Administrative Lock on it until we contacted them.


We would like to thank and its 24/7 staff for helping us out in this time of cyber-attacks, faceless thieves, and stopping those who wish to do economic harm to us, as well as our customers.

We do not keep any payment information on our site, in our servers, computers, tablets, or even file cabinets.  We prefer to use Paypal, Square, Chase QuickPay, Zelle, and Cash (If you have precious metals, we can always work something out as well).


We have upped our security for and hope we do not ever run into a situation like this again.  Attached is a photo with a list of countries that have tried to do us harm in the last 6 months.

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